Archaeological 3D Reconstruction 

3d environment reconstruction & virtual reality

Preserving archaeological sites and sharing the knowledge 

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 Our Services


Virtual reality (VR)

We provide you with the complete solution for a fully  3D immersive experience.

Visit a virtually perfect reproduction of an Etruscan tomb or  walk through the rooms of an authentic Roman villa.

This is the perfect solution for museums, institutions, universities and scientific parks willing to create from scratch a brand new state of the art VR experience.

3D scanning

We can scan for you environments or objects, providing the final 3D models, with or without post processing.

Preserve forever an archaeologically relevant site as it is now!

This is the perfect solution if you already have you own VR platform and you just need to add 3D models to your collection.

3d Models Licensing

We can license to you any of the 3d models we already have in our portfolio.

This is the best solution for researchers, universities but even for video game or film productions and artists.

Our Vision

We want to offer everybody  the opportunity to visit archaeological sites and places too distant and too difficult to reach. At the same time, we preserve archaeologically relevant sites and items, avoiding the flow of the time to delete them forever, like footprints in the sand. 



Work with us, and start planning today how to use the technologies of tomorrow to amaze and entertain your customers!


Our Work

We are currently working in order to publish as soon as possible a demo application for researchers and potential customers. In order to collect useful data we have to visit incredible places, working in extreme situations and with difficult lightning conditions.

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3D Scanning in an Etruscan Necropolises in Italy – April the 21th:

Preliminary Results:

3D model of a part of the Orioli tomb, in the necropolis of  Castel d’Asso. Dated 250 BC, this amazing place will be completely reconstructed in our upcoming application. You will soon be able to explore yourself, in first person, this and other amazing archaeological sites! (The final result will be completely different from this preview)

The 3D viewer is not compatible with Safari. Click on the model and drag in order to rotate it. The scrolling function of your mouse will zoom in and out.


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