Make your ADMISSION ESSAY Unforgettable. How will you stick out from the pack?

Whether you’re in the cusp of a school’s academic profile or shopping for ways to further stand out of top candidates, the faculty essay remains the tool that is best in making your admissions readers your admissions advocates. Yet framing your strengths and meaningful experiences with thoughtful self-awareness can easily become overwhelming, particularly for overstressed seniors and school that is graduate. As an admission essay specialist, I am amply trained both in the emotional and technical challenges surrounding this process and am passionate about guiding students to embrace the total potential for the personal statement.

Paint a picture that leaps from the page

I lead students on a journey of self-discovery in search of the important points and insights that make their story uniquely their own. Using principles of effective storytelling, I support students in crafting these materials that are raw a narrative which brings their curiosities, core values, and personality to life. Students learn how to showcase their distinct voice, appropriately express passions and vulnerabilities, and leap the page off to seriously engage their reader. The end result is an statement that is honest of which demonstrates how a student’s experiences and outlook continue steadily to positively shape their future.</p>

Experience a transformational rite of passage

The college application process presents students with an invaluable opportunity to delve deep into who they are now and who they are becoming beyond coveted acceptance letters. Executed with thoughtful reflection, students have the ability to truly explore their inner world and take pride in placing their best foot forward. Aside from any one particular admissions outcome, students experience a feeling of authenticity which humanizes and gives meaning to an ongoing process that is all too often reduced to a numbers game.

We can begin once you are prepared

\n \nWhether you have no idea the place to start or are actually polishing your common application, I’m able to help you inform your story. I support students through the application process and consider every component of a student’s application, from personal statement to specific supplemental essays, as vital facets of a three-dimensional portrait. By encouraging students to juxtapose a range of unexpected qualities, I help students convey the range that is full of they truly are and all that inspires them.

We are able to begin once you are ready

Whether you’ve got no idea where to start or already are polishing your common application, i will assist you to inform your story. I support students throughout the application process and consider every element of a student’s application, from personal statement to specific supplemental essays, as vital facets of a portrait that is three-dimensional. By encouraging students to juxtapose a selection of unexpected qualities, I help students convey the range that is full of they are and all that inspires them.

“Dan challenged me to write that I had never been asked to do before about myself in a way. With Dan it was not about who I was as a learning student but alternatively who i will be as an individual. I didn’t have to worry about my essay, because I knew it was my best work when I sent off my college applications. Six weeks later I got a letter from Harvard inviting us to a special interview that is on-campus a note: they loved my essay.”

“My daughter was accepted to 11 of this 14 schools that she applied to. A lot of them gave her merit scholarships, about a complete of $200,000 (too bad she can not take all the scholarships thereby applying it to a single school). Since her grades and test scores are not all that great, I am inclined to think that the answer to these admissions was the combination of her activities along with her essay. Three of this schools complimented her on her essay!”

“I had never worked with a coach that is writing and it was so worth every penny. Dan is truly very easy to keep in touch with, super organized and helpful, and merely truly great at what he does. Every counselor, professor, and friend We have shown my essays to have said they’re really strong, captivating, precise, and eloquently written.

With Dan’s help I became accepted into UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCSC, UCSB, UCSD, UCI, UC Merced, SFSU, SJSU, Cal Poly, CSU Monterey Bay together with University of Wisconsin-Madison (that is 12 for the 14 schools I applied to). I became also offered 11 different scholarships, so working together with Dan definitely pays off time that is big! I couldnot have done it without him! I wholeheartedly recommend using the services of Dan, and I will certainly be returning to see him once I write my grad school apps! He’s the best.”

“We are incredibly glad we found Dan! I specifically looked on Yelp to find a much essay that is needed for my son that is starting college into the fall of 2019. My 17 year old son seemed to be struggling with his essays and was putting himself under plenty of stress. Once Dan starting working together with him he had been in a position to relax and get his thoughts down in some recoverable format with full confidence. Dan’s knowledge, expertise and patience were a blessing!”

“Dan is amazing! I only worked with him for a few days, but in the period, I could note that he really cared. He helped me write and edit an amazing college essay, and I definitely think he was a big element in getting me into my dream school!”

“My son that is trying to get college admissions in fall of 2019 has been working with Dan for his common app. essays, UC essays and any writing that is supplemental it has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside him. Dan is a rather good listener, has this unique capability to connect with the student and draw out their own best and pen it beautifully in their personal essays. He could be very organized and methodical and very an easy task to work with.”

“Dan worked closely with me in organizing my thoughts from rough drafts into seamless renditions of my graduate school statement that is personal. He could be a man who clearly understands simple tips to structure and drive a story, and he does it with passion and a good investment in the popularity of the people he helps. Dan is as good of a writer as he is a teacher, and I also will require every one of the techniques he has taught me into my graduate school career!”

“Dan worked with my son in developing his college applications essays. His work was exceptional. My son actively incorporated his analysis and suggestions and went back to get more! His essays helped land 7 college acceptances in which he accepted a generous merit scholarship.”